Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Rag Quilt

So I have been working on this set, that is to be given as a gift and wanted to post some preliminary photos. This blanket is a large rag quilt. Perfect for babies to use on the floor for tummy time! The lovey, which will be 16X16 will use the minky dot fabric on the back, I havent decided, but am leaning towards the white on the front with the flannel polka dots as the elephant appliqué, same Racine Bean embroidery as is on the blanket (because I love this font!). Then the washcloths are going to be the green and white polka dot fabric also. Let me know what you think (or even if you have this blanket. I can do the whole front in one color and the back in another!) mind you, I still need to trim up some thread and also, photo number two, the blanket is folded in half!

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